Carpet Cleaning – Speed-Cleaning to Kill Household Germs

Carpet Cleaning – Speed-Cleaning to Kill Household Germs

SpeedCleaning to Kill Household Germs

How to Use Speed-Cleaning to kill household germs. What’s a speed-cleaner? What makes them effective? Why would you want to use one? These are a few of the questions you might be asking if you are searching for ways to clean your house and prevent illness.

What is a speed-cleaner? Speed-Cleaning is an electrostatic charge that attracts and contains germs (e.g. microorganisms living on cellulose) in carpet fibers. When the charging is complete,these organisms are released into the air and away from you,the homeowner. This cleaner works by killing germs that might still be living on your carpets.

How does it work? The Speed-Cleaning machine is plugged into a grounded electrical outlet. The digital sensor detects the presence of dust and the quantity in the air and uses the appropriate charge to kill household germs. Some models allow you to adjust the distance of the detector from the socket to allow for greater or lesser contact with the carpet,depending on the amount of carpet fibers in the room. The electronic system also allows you to activate the cleaning when the sensor is set upon purchase.

Can I do my own speed-cleaning? Yes,you can! There are many products available online that provide information for homeowners about how to do this safely. The only difference between using the system to kill household germs and cleaning the rugs yourself is the type of cleaning agent. Many individuals prefer using the commercial-grade goods,which can be found in the kind of gel,liquid,or granular forms.

These cleaners are safe and effective for ridding carpet of germs and dirt,but there’s no need to replace the carpet in order to use these products. They do not require the use of disinfectant agents or bleach. Instead,they just pull the dirt and grime from the carpet,economically and safely.

Can my carpet still look great after using these cleaners? Using these products on the new carpet isn’t recommended. It is extremely important to allow for the drying period between use. If you have to,some manufacturers suggest leaving the carpet is damp for at least 48 hours prior to cleaning. To help accelerate the drying time,it is helpful to run a dehumidifier in the bathroom and/or kitchen to keep the area dry. When properly cleaned,the carpet will retain the majority of the cleaning agent,allowing you to finish the job in less than 1 day.

How do I get the maximum benefit from speed-cleaning to kill family germs? Like any other type of stain removal,the goal is to remove as much moisture and water as possible. By using a low-level steam cleaner,you can achieve this easily. Moreover,you can clean deep underneath the surface of the carpet without exposing it to high levels of water.

My family and friends keep asking when we will get to take out the carpet. My reply is always,”I’ve already used it.” There is no need to keep them waiting. Vacuum the dirt,debris,and germs away before they have a chance to cause any problems. After just one use,you’ll be ready to move on to something else.

To prevent re-soiling in the future,you can protect your carpet by using absorbent socks. You’ll get these in your local grocery or home improvement store. Just make certain to only use the socks as necessary for every cleaning cycle. You don’t want to end up with an empty sock once you’re done.

As with many things in life,price is often an indicator of quality. Speed-cleaning,to kill household germs is certainly no exception. Professional carpet cleaning companies charge a lot of money for such a service. In case you’ve got the budget,you can do the job yourself. If not,you might still find that hiring a professional will be well worth the investment.

Even though it’s not necessary,it’s also a great idea to invest in good carpet cleaners. These are cheap and,again,will make your carpet last considerably longer. They’ll also reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do so as to get it clean again. So if you’re contemplating speed-cleaning to kill household germs,consider getting a professional carpet cleaning service that will assist you with your carpet cleaning.

The Importance of Customizing Your Home Office

The Importance of Customizing Your Home Office

This year is all about change! Let’s leave fretting about unsightly backgrounds for last minute zoom meetings and responding to emails at the cramped dining room table in the 2020 rearview mirror. Working from home trends are carrying into the new year and it is time to transform your temporary workspace into a dream home office. Whether the office is a new addition to your home,or your office design is in need of an update,investing some TLC into personalizing your workspace does not only make your home feel less like a work site,in addition,it provides several long-term advantages. Here are our top reasons for why personalizing your home office is so important.

1. Reduce Stress

If you’ve been camping at your kitchen counter or rotate your workspace around other’s schedules,then your first goal of the new year is to find your own designated area. Not with an established workspace or an at-home regular can be overwhelming and stressful. You can easily lose track of meetings,misplace important documents in the heap of daily email,and be interrupted by constant distractions. A helpful tip to reduce stress levels while working from home is to adhere to a routine and decide on a system in place that fits your lifestyle best. Some people love to adhere to a rigid routine,completing tasks like clockwork. If you fear a dull program,then create a regular with flexibility that keeps you on track and focused during the day. Defining areas of the room or a particular time of day for certain tasks can help keep your mind sharp and remain productive. Start your morning by pulling the blinds open and allowing the bright sunlight fill the room as inspiration for any imaginative tasks. Once it’s time to take a break from computer work,change up your setting by moving out of the desk to your couch and relax as you answer calls or attend virtual meetings. When you’re ready to buckle down and focus,return to your desk and pull up the most comfortable chair you could sit for hours. Have you tried our desk chairs? Having some familiarity in a new environment can be relaxing and comforting during times of change. It will also help put you at ease when each record has its place,and you don’t have to scramble last minute to get some peace and quiet.

2. Increase Your Productivity with A Comfortable Work Space

Reclining Desk Chair  

When you haven’t found a set location to work from however,consider repurposing your spare space. You know,the room you reserve for when family and friends come to visit and where you hide all your online purchases. While it’s great to utilize this temporarily vacant space,it is not currently designed to be your workplace so you could feel the need to preserve its current design. Packing up your workspace at the end of the day can make you feel like you’re the guest and limitations are not optimal for productivity. Integrating some personal touches can make you feel more calm,comfortable,and confident to take on any new mission. Remember that making the room feel yours does not mean you have to fully redesign the space and throw the mattress. You can have a stylish,productive space that serves multiple functions with a couple of design enhancements.

Each individual finds motivation and inspiration in different ways,so it is important to curate a workspace design that is most optimal for you to be productive. If you get a creative job,incorporate colors and patterns that inspire you. If you operate best when you’re relaxed,design with muted,soothing tones that provide serenity during a chaotic workday. This is your home,which means you can design it in any way that makes you feel happy and capable each time you walk into the workplace. If owning a home office feels awkward,then rethink what it looks like to work from home and create a design that works like an office but looks like an elegant”she-shed.” To rethink your home office design,personalize it with a one-of-a-kind desk and chair in fabrics and leathers that are just as unique as you. Customize your desk from the design,to the size,to the fabric and create furniture that looks fashionable whilst matching your personality perfectly. The greatest perk of designing your own custom desk is that when you need to clock out for the day,the stress of the workplace disappears,and your home office goes back to being your home!


While we recommend sticking to a routine in your home,reporting to your office does not have to be boring or stagnant. There are no strict company guidelines to adhere to. It’s your space which means you have all of the freedom to design it however you like.

When designing,you can begin small. Brighten your mood by incorporating sentimental items that bring you pleasure and decorate the space with personal items like family photos or memorabilia from unforgettable trips. Integrate your character into the office with new furniture in your favorite colors. While fashionable,aesthetic things are important to make a room look stylish,make sure not to skimp on the comfort! Sometimes happiness is achieved by simply wrap yourself up in a soft,warm blanket. Drape your comfy Barefoot Dreams toss over a lavish desk chair like you’re staging for a lavish home catalog. Beat the chill winter temperatures by conveniently bundling up and enhance your mood in moments.

barrel desk chair  

4. Improve Your Work Performance

Some smart advice to live by is to invest in yourself since it pays the best interest. Your environment plays a substantial role in your mood and since a lot of us spend nearly all our week working in our home office,you have earned the ability to curate an area that is comfortable,practical and motivating. In return,not only will you really enjoy reporting to the home office each day,but you’ll see how your performance can improve when your distance works for you. Unconvinced? Remember a time you slept on a poor-quality mattress and how it negatively influenced your sleep. An insufficient workspace can negatively affect your work performance in a similar manner. Our environment set the tone of the day,so if your workspace lacks organization,design,and character it will result in feeling stressed,unproductive,and miserable which isn’t optimum for high performance. Define your current and future career goals and design your workplace that is fashionable,functional,and fosters those aspirations.

We know how much pride you take in your own work. Let us help you optimize your potential with a workspace that is deserving of your talent. Personalize your home office and curate it to be whatever you want it to be.

custom made executive desk  

How have you personalized your workspace? Comment what positive changes you’ve implemented and how it’s motivated you!